They’ll ‘Gobble’ It Up: BBQ’n the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

If you’re last minute like my family, then you’re still running to the grocery store and picking up all the ingredients for the perfect family Thanksgiving Dinner. Which is today. Maybe it’s the first time you’re hosting a dinner, and you want to impress everyone and do something not so common? Well, I have the […]

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New Twin Eagles Barbeque For Sale In San Diego

Immaculate TIG-Welded 304 stainless steel, beautiful contemporary lines, and cutting edge technology are usually phrases that you would use to describe a new luxury car but today we are talking about something even better. The 2017 Twin Eagles ‘C’ Model Line BBQ debuted on the first of this year with stunning features that have been […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your BBQ Grill Clean

How often do you clean your BBQ grill? Did you know that not cleaning your BBQ grill will create an unsafe environment for you and your guests? This is because a dirty grill will increase the risk of harmful carcinogens and illness. On the other hand, a regular grill cleaning and maintenance schedule will make […]

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Great Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Anyone who is a lover of outdoor Bar-B-Que parties knows for sure that during these great summer parties, nothing expands your living space more than a well-designed outdoor kitchen. This is a perfect space for you to prepare great meals, eat and entertain without the risk or running out of space. Summer gives people the excuse to indulge outdoor living […]

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